Animal Protection Zürich

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Client Pitch

When the center for Animal Protection Zürich invited the agency internezzo to pitch their ideas for a redesign of the website I was really excited because I love animals, I mean who doesn't – right? Since the brief didn't included all of my desired information I did my own research about the company.


The Animal Protection Zürich is responsible for a variaty of services. They are also a animal shelter where people can apply to adopt an animal. Luckly on of our teammember recently adopted a cat from the shelter so we could interview her to get a better understanding of the process. In addition to this I've checked the social media channels and google reviews. There I was able to get an insight of the interaction between company and community. In the Google Reviews I was even able to find some customer pain points of the animal adoption process.



I wanted the design to feel emotional and accessible for everyone. The start of the page is a place where the Animal Protection Zürich can communicate their services to their customers, but also let's their customers get a look behind the scenes.


One of the key features of the redesign is an animalfinder. Based on where people live, their enviroment, space, budget and time the users can find the perfect fit for their next pet.


For everyone who wants to support the Animal Protection Zürich they can use the interactive donation form. The illustration is also used to show the User what his or her donation could be used for.

The navigation brings more structure to the currently over 200+ pages website. It clearly categorized all of the Animal Protection Zürich's services into three main topics:

Animal Protection: Everything about Animal protection and projects supported by the Animal Protection Zürich

Having pets: All the relevent informations about pets needs

Animal shelter: All their animals, and everything about the adoption process.

In addition, Animal Protection Zürich has the opportunity to promote projects and donation forms in the navigation as well.

One of the reasons internezzo won the pitch were the thoughts that went into this design.